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Nanowrimo day 2 and 3

I decided one way to get through-to the nanowrimo finish line might be to blog about it. So...here I am.

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Nanowrimo, day 1

As part of Chuck Wendig's blog "terrible minds", I'm posting today's 1568 words. This is part of a novel in progress and kind of took me by surprise. This is chapter introduces a new character I hadn't planned on inventing...
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Off to the races

Tomorrow. Nanowrimo when/where I will FINISH that novel I started. You heard it here first


Phoenix comic con Friday

Just sat through the Claudia Christian panel. Very entertaining. More later

Well, since I still have time on my hands, and can't pass up an episode called "INFECTION", I decided to forge ahead.

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It's my day off...what to do with all that time.  After having exhausted my Tina Fey & Amy Poehler are awesome searches, and accidentally shutting off "The Office", I decided it was time for some B5.

Let's see what's in store, shall we?

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Ok, I didn't live blog this one.  For one, it's really distracting.  I don't know how all those tweeters do it.  

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Live Blogging B5

Finally!  After  many broken promises (mine), and failed attempts to find Babylon 5 for free online, I finally have my hands on the series via the Phoenix Public Library.  Shout out to libraries.

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